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MyMentor has a total of 55 years of experience in the educational sector. This includes teaching, coaching, and administration.


Prior to hiring our team of dedicated workers, we run background checks on each potential new team member. When pairing your child with one of our tutors, we assess both the tutor and student to ensure the tutor is a good fit for your student. Additionally, we coordinate sessions in public settings which have been deemed safe.

Here at MyMentor, we offer your child one of three personalized tutoring options with experts of various levels. With these options, we are sure to meet the needs of your student and properly match him/ her with a skilled tutor.

Options mentioned above include...

1) Tutors who are student teachers and have previously taken the course

2) Tutors who are new teachers in the educational sector

3) Tutors who are veteran teachers who have been in an educational setting for several years

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Game On Workshops

Game On workshops can be scheduled as 1 on 1, small group, or large group sessions. Workshops vary in session lengths, anywhere from 6-8 sessions. During these sessions we will discuss how to execute the most successful mindset without spending countless hours doubting yourself and/or your abilities by creating individualized plans to elevate your personal and professional endeavors.


MOD Squad

Mentoring On Demand

MOD Squad is a service we provide for students who are seeking assistance with homework throughout the week between the hours of 6 AM - 10 PM. To get in touch with a tutor, text either Carson Manthey at (419) 376-2598 or Jeff Adduci at (419) 340-9866.


Study Skills

This group workshop is for students who would like to develop a more efficient studying process. We will begin by understanding what learning style is best suited for the individual and proceed with note-taking tips as well as locating the best study spaces in the individual's hometown. 


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Let's Work Together

Contact Jeff Adduci


Phone: (419) 340-9866

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