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Providing your child with the proper skills to take on any challenge


Mentoring and Tutoring Service in Toledo, Ohio

Attacking Education with Passion, Enthusiasm, and Confidence


Here at MyMentor we offer two types of ACT/ SAT prep sessions to adhere to your child's preferred method of learning; one in a group setting and another in a one-on-one setting. Additionally, we offer Individual Tutoring sessions for subjects including Math, Reading, Science, Foreign Languages, History, etc. for K-12 students as well as college students.


MyMentor's core team members have been working with great dedication to make our ACT/ SAT prep sessions and individual tutoring sessions as personalized and effective as possible.


For more information about MyMentor's core team members, click the "More Info" button below. 


Whether your child would like to utilize the ACT/ SAT preparation course or the Individual Tutoring sessions aspect of our program, we work closely with students and their parents to create a safe atmosphere in which students will be able to thrive. We believe the environment in which a student studies in plays a key role in his/ her success. 


Hello and welcome to MyMentor!

Carson Manthey and I (Jeff Adduci) are the proud cofounders of My Mentor. Our tutoring service is composed of talented and collegiate educators who work cohesively to enhance each student's passion for knowledge and proficiency in which ever subject they choose to master. Since 2014, our mission has been to address learning differences in each student by creating personalized learning experiences.

Click the Learn More button to get more information about our mission and to meet the core team!

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Jennifer Furey, CPA

MyMentor LLC was a perfect fit for my son. It wasn't the boring classroom setting and Jeff kept it lively and fun. My son's scores jumped 3 points in math and reading, 4 points in English and 2 points in reading after working with MyMentor. I would highly recommend them to others!

Tax Partner at William Vaughn Company


Deepta Paramasamy

GAME ON helped me understand my vulnerabilities and how to improve on them to become not only a stronger student but to create strong, long lasting connections. Jeff is an awesome instructor who will always have your best interests, future goals, and success at heart!

Game On Student Mentee
Student at The Ohio State University

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Adam Fineske, Ed.D.

As a father of a high school student who struggled with taking the ACT, I am so thankful for the service that MyMentor has provided my daughter. The dedication they show, the motivation they provide for kids to do better and the passion they have for education and what's truly best for kids is outstanding.

Superintendent of Ottawa Hills High School

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